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I removed it ! Clearing your debts has never been easier! “Renegotiating debts” to get back to having credit in the square is undoubtedly the best option for the defaulting consumer. The credit protection services have already launched their debt renegotiation sites, both the “SCPC Brazil” of Boa Vista Serviços, the “SPC” of the Chambers of Warehouse Managers and the “Serasa Experian” with the service ” Clean Name Online “From Serasa Experian, this time the company has nothing to do with credit protection. The ” Quitei ” came with the proposal to help consumers with debt problems due.


What is Quitei?


What is Quitei?


The ” Quitei.Com ” is a website that offers the opportunity for defaulting consumers to settle their outstanding debts , the business formula is simple, negotiation is done directly with lenders with offers and proposals that benefit both parties, debtor and lender .

Currently, around 58% of Brazilian families have some debt in progress. In order to minimize this, in recent months a series of debt renegotiation campaigns have been carried out , including all the negotiation records of all time, thanks to incentives from public agencies and also from private companies such as Quitei .

“Those who have credit have debts,” whoever said that phrase was constantly my dear grandmother, in fact it is true, I would add that “Those who have credit pay all their debts” or “Those who have credit always pay their debts.” Today, letting go the reins of credit to accomplish the will of the ego can cause loss of control of finances, and indebtedness is the most common consequence for those who are not balanced with spending.

We can not cover the sun with the sieve, the debt only happens because people buy too much or spend more of could pay with their wages or salaries, to make matters worse, access to credit has increased and everyone has a false impression that have money, this makes people spend more than they need or could, the end, in a few months the house collapses.


Are you in debt?


Are you in debt?


Are you in debt? Do you have outstanding credit in the square? Do you want to discharge your debts? Do you want to renegotiate expired debts? At the Quitei site, you can renegotiate debts with your creditors simply and without red tape. The Quitei.Com website was recently launched, the proposal appears as another alternative for consumers with delinquencies, indebted or with unpaid debts with creditors, and is currently desirous of renegotiating these debts , the site Quitei.Com can be an immediate solution .

How works


The Quitei system to “renegotiate debts” is extremely simple, to start the process, simply access the address of the consumer Quitei.Com and placing the order on the “”, see steps :

1 st. Identification – Register your Full Name, a valid email, choose a password;
2º. Data – In the second step you enter with your CPF, Address and Cellular and Fixed phones;
3º. Conclusion – At this stage you will choose the Creditor Company from a number of Banks, Cellular Operators, Financials, Stores, Magazines, Service Providers, Credit Cards, Consumer Companies and many other segments. Chose the lender, inform your observations in the appropriate field. The last step is to complete the Registration, after this you will receive an email that needs to be confirmed. Wait for the negotiation.

If you have more than one lender you need to register one by one to receive the proposal of each debt you want to negotiate . In cases where the debt is with a partner company of Quitei and is already registered on the site, the consumer can carry out the simulations of proposals in the own page of the site. Proposals are sent to creditors to review.

For debtors who want to negotiate their debts but the creditor companies are not registered in the site of Quitei.Com , the process does not change much, it is enough for the consumer to register normally, choose OTHERS in the 3rd . step according to the type of creditor and make in your “Observation Box” your considerations, send the Cadastre and wait until a proposal is offered.

According to the website Quitei.Com the service is offered free of charge and there is no charge for the use of the system. You can still participate in “WHY DID I HAVE YOU PAY MY DEBT?”, See the video.